Home Insurance


Your home is a huge investment, protect it. With home insurance you can protect your home and your possessions. You’ve worked hard for what you have, it’s important to have the right protection. There are many options of what home insurance can cover on your property.

For example, sewer and water backup provides for coverage in the event that water and or sewer backs up into your home. Some would suggest that if you don't have a basement you shouldn't need this coverage. Howeve,r I have a friend with a crawlspace, the sewer backed up into it and created a horrible stinky mess. Without coverage, he and his family were left to crawl down into the yuk and clean it up. A really ggod idea for residents in lower areas along the Wastach Front like West Bountiful, West Point, Layton, Kaysville, Woods Cross, North Salt Lake as they seem to be a little more suseptible. But even older, higher areas can be hit like Centerville, Bountiful, Fruit Heights, Ogden etc.

Identity fraud coverage helps to clean up the financial mess left behind by hackers and others who may use your credit to enjoy a purchasing spree on you. 

Flood Insurance is manditory for some homes, but is available for most any home. Floods are determined by determined by government agencies it must effect multiple properties and be caused by specific things. Your regular homeowners coverage does not cover for this damage. 

We can help you make sure that everything will be taken care of. Contact us today to see how we can protect one of your biggest investments.

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